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A faculty member of Western Philippines University

JUPETH TORIANO PENTANG, LPT, MS, DHum, DCD, DELM (hc), is a faculty member of Western Philippines University - College of Education. He completed Bachelor of Secondary Education - Mathematics from Benguet State University (2014) as a Supreme Student Government Grantee and finished Master of Science in Education - Mathematics from Central Luzon State University (2019) as a DOST-SEI Capacity Building Program in Science and Mathematics Education Scholar. Currently, he is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Management from Holy Trinity University. He completed and presently taking up several online courses on Data Science and Analytics, Strategic Leadership, Assessment in the Virtual Classroom, Google Sheets, Freedom of Information, and COVID-19 Contact Tracing through the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology via COURSERA and COURSEBANK. A young educator, extensionist, and researcher in the academe, he handles graduate and undergraduate courses on mathematics education, assessment of learning, and methods of research. Besides, he serves as a project leader, training coordinator, and resource speaker in various extension activities. Moreover, he co-authored several books and has in press research publications indexed in Web of Science and Scopus journals. Recently, he was conferred three honorary doctorate degrees (Doctor of Humanities, Doctor of Community Development, and Doctor of Educational Leadership and Management).