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SMEs go International

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Nusantara Project

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  • 2022 MALANG ICPM

    On 23th April we will held an international Conference of Project Management with Scopus outcome

  • Ayo Ekspor

    Ayo Ekspor is one of our effort to increase export awareness to local business

  • Nusantara Project

    The project is held regularly every semester

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AIBPM Publisher as part of Association of International Business and Professional Management (AIBPM) has 6 journals that has been published hundreds of good quality papers. All of our journals are handled by dedicated Editors who are active in the specific communities they serve and are discoverable in the world's leading scientific indexes. We value and trust our peer reviewers from across the world who help ensure that the research published by AIBPM Publisher is of the highest quality it can be.


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