“The Archipelago Economy : Unleashing Indonesia’s Potential

to Boost Sustainable Economic Growth” 

       July,21st  2020


call for paper

The conference invites participation  to submit unpublished theoretical, empirical and scientific papers focusing on following 4 track below. We accept research papers to be published in International Conference Proceeding and journals.Joining this conference will allow you to present your most up-to-date findings and receive feedback from colleagues, which will help you when you ultimately write up your study. You also will meet up online with our reputable keynote speakers from different countries below:







Prof. Cheng Ming Yu* Universiti of Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia

Prof. CHENG Ming Yu is currently a Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM), Director of the Institute of Management and Leadership Development (IMLD) and Chairperson of the Belt and Road Strategic Research Centre (BRSRC) at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia.


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Prof Jay Rajasekera, Tokyo International University Japan

Prof Jay Rajasekera is currently Professor of Digital Business and Strategy at the Institute of International Strategy (IIS) in Tokyo International University and also serves as a Vice President.

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Benny Laos, SE, MM *
Regent of Morotai Indonesia

Mr. Benny Laos is the Regent of Morotai who well known as a visionary young regent. With a background as a businessman, by many Benny Laos is considered appropriate to lead Morotai. As an energetic young man, Benny Laos is considered to have more than adequate capabilities to lead Morotai's progress. He took the initiative to build a star class hotel in Ternate. At that time everyone judged 'crazy'. How could a star-class hotel business be able to make a profit calculation? Is there a financial institution like a bank that wants to facilitate capital for the construction of a hotel that big? The Mayor of Ternate at that time also questioned the 'madness' of a Benny Laos. But Benny Laos showed his determination as a visionary. A visionary does things differently. He will never want to be led to follow the same path that is already crowded. He will choose his own way, although ordinary people will see it as something 'strange'. That's what has been done by a Laos Benny. Including what he is doing as Morotai Regency Regent since 2016.



Dr. Lev Horodyskyj, Phd, USA

Dr. Lev Horodyskyj completed his Phd in Geoscience and Astrobiology at Pennsylvania State University in 2009. Between 2010 and 2018, he worked at Arizona State University developing innovative digital science lab courses using intelligent tutoring systems, including the astrobiology-focused Habitable Worlds. The course won wide acclaim from both students and instructors and formed the basis of successful grants from the National Science Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is currently distributed globally via the Inspark Teaching Network. Recently, Lev has moved into sustainability and cross-cultural education via his nonprofit Science Voices. Through this endeavor, he is working with innovative faculty around the world to bring the benefits of 21st century digital classrooms to more diverse and difficult teaching settings 






Madeline Berma PhD, FASm

Madeline Berma received her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Hull, England; Masters of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Bachelors of Economics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Madeline Berma is currently Fellow of Akademi Sains Malaysia. She served as Deputy Chair, Education Policy Review (Oct, 2018-May 2019). She was an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) until she retired in 2018. She served as the Director, the Tun Fatimah Hashim Women’s Leadership Centre, UKM from 2011-2016. Madeline has done extensive research, delivered papers and published on economic development, focusing on rural development, poverty, indigenous communities and women. She was a member of research teams conducting policy-impact studies on Poverty in Sarawak, Urban Poverty in Four Major Towns in Sarawak, Policies on Women in Johor, Dayak Education, Socialisation in Sarawak, Women Labour Force Needs for SCORE, Sabah Women’s Development Plan, Orang Asli Development in Tasik Chini, Education Policy Review. She had been involved in consultancy jobs for the Federal and State governments. Madeline was a member of the Malaysian Government’s delegation to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women (2015-2017), and Women and Economy Forum (2012) in Rusia. She also worked extensively with Government agencies and NGOs, particularly on economic empowerment programs. She had been a panelist on tv/radio ( RTM, TV3, Astro Awani, NTV9, Bernama) panel discussions on economic and social issues. The Government of Malaysia has appointed Madeline to 7 national-level consultative committees: (a) the National Unity and Consultative Committee (NUCC); (b) Women's Advisory and Consultative Council; (c) Consultative Committee on Political Funding; (d) Committee to Promote Inter-Religious Harmony & Understanding, (e) Public Complaints Bureau, (f) National Heritage Council; and (g) Committe on Education Policy Review.

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Prof.Dr. Stanss.L.H.V. Joyce Lapian, MEc*

Prof.Dr. Stanss.L.H.V. Joyce Lapian, MEc. graduated from Economy Development Sam Ratulangi University in 1985, she then pursued her postgraduate in Management Sciences and Public Policy Studies in Tsukuba University of Japan in 2005. After that, she pursued her doctoral degree in Management in Brawijaya University (2005